Wearing Your Pump With Style

There are a lot of ways to wear your insulin pump or CGM monitor. Because it is a small, hand-held device, it is easy to conceal.

Wearing Your Pump With Style

Where Should You Wear Your Pump?

Where and how to wear your insulin pump is a commonly asked question among new users. Most people find that wearing an insulin pump presents no problem and that it can be worn in a variety of ways.

Here are just a few ideas to help you get started:

  • Use the clip that comes with your pump and clip it to a waistband or belt.
  • Place the pump (with or without the clip) into the pocket of your pants.
  • Keep it in your shirt pocket.
  • Use the leg or thigh pouch to wear it around your thigh, calf or ankle.

Medtronic has a complete range of accessories that can hide, protect, and add to the convenience of wearing a pump. Additionally, we offer the ability to customize your pump with different colors and cases that best fit your personality.

Important: If you use a cell phone case to hold your insulin pump, do not use cases with magnetic clasps.

Where Should You Wear Your Pump


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Cases and Clips

With our selection of cases and clips, there are plenty of ways to wear your insulin pump. You can attach your pump to your waistband or belt, protect it in your pocket, or conceal it under your clothing. Shop our selection of accessories and find one that helps you wear your pump the way you want.

Cases and Clips
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