Planning A Pregnancy

For women with Type 1 diabetes, preparing for pregnancy or an impending delivery requires good planning and preparation. There will inevitably be many questions.

Having decided to start a family, the primary concern of every potential parent with diabetes is the health of their future child. The key to a healthy pregnancy is to keep glucose levels under control, which can be challenging during pregnancy due to constantly changing hormone levels.

Read the real-life stories of other women with diabetes and discover how they have found their way to a happy pregnancy thanks to better glucose control.

Dr Aarti Mangtani

said YES TO LIFE with her pump since 2010

I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when I was 11 years old and often struggled with really high blood sugar levels. For many years I was on insulin injections and pen therapy, taking 3-4 shots a day, and I still had lots of fluctuations and complications. At my wedding in 2010, a friend recommended the insulin pump, telling me that she was able to deliver a healthy child despite having diabetes. When we wanted to start a family, my husband and I decided to shift to the insulin pump therapy.
In 2012 we conceived twins and while we were all happy, many people were also worried about my diabetes affecting the pregnancy. After all, with twins the risk was also double. Some people told me that I'd have to go through a c-section because it is impossible for a diabetic to go through normal delivery. Luckily, the pump helped me keep my fluctuations at bay and I went through the pregnancy without any complications.

I'd recommend the insulin pump to all diabetics, especially parents hoping to conceive because the biggest gift you can give your baby is good health. The pump has been the best decision of my life.