Setting & Features

Setting & Features
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Saving Your Settings

There are several ways to save your settings, each offers a different benefit:

Option 1) Use CareLink® Personal

Upload your data to your CareLink Personal account. Every time you upload into CareLink Personal, a copy of your settings will be saved.

BENEFIT : You can access the most recent copy of your Device Settings report from any computer at any time.

Option 2) Keep Hard Copies

Keep a hard copy of your settings. Print out this settings worksheet that walks you through all of the settings on your insulin pump and periodically update it.

BENEFIT : Always have a printed copy of your settings on hand.

Option 3) Store Them Within myMedtronic Connect

If you have an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch®, then take your support with you on the go. Download the free myMedtronic Connect App.

myMedtronic Connect allows you to save and edit a copy of your current settings.

BENEFIT : Always have an electronic copy of your settings with you that is separate from your pump or CGM monitor.

Option 4) Use Your Insulin Pump or CGM Monitor

Your insulin pump or CGM monitor allows you to save, restore, clear or view the current settings.

BENEFIT : The Save Settings feature lets you keep a set of insulin pump/CGM settings to which you can return if your device is cleared or you need to return to these settings for any reason.

Warning: Never clear your settings while the insulin pump is connected to your body.

Warning: Do not clear your settings unless directed by your healthcare provider or a Medtronic representative. If you clear your settings, you must enter all your personal settings again as directed by your healthcare provider.

Using the Save Setting Feature on Your Insulin Pump/CGM Monitor

Device: 754 (VEOTM), 722, Guardian, 715

  1. Go to the UTILITIES MENU screen and select User Settings.
    • Main Menu > Utilities > User Settings
  2. To access the User Settings feature, hold down B button (SHIFT on the Guardian) and press ACT.
  3. The USER SETTINGS screen is displayed with Save Settings highlighted. Press ACT.
  4. If this is the first time you have saved your device settings, go to step 5.
    If you have previously saved your settings, a message displays, indicating the date of your last settings save. Read the instructions on the screen, then press ACT to save your current settings. You can press ESC if you want to cancel the save.
  5. The SETTINGS SAVED message displays to confirm that your current settings have been saved. Press ESC to exit the menus.

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