Setting & Features

Setting & Features
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Setting Your Square Wave Bolus

Device: 754 (VEOTM), 722, 715, 712

Note: During delivery of a Square Wave bolus, you will not be able to do the following pump functions:

  • Change the max bolus amount
  • Change the scroll rate
  • Disable or deliver Dual and Square Wave boluses
  • Rewind or fill the cannula (or fixed prime)
  • Change the active insulin time
  • Run a self-test
  • Access the User Settings menu

All other pump functions are still available during the Square Wave bolus.

Important: It is important you consult with your healthcare provider before using a Square Wave bolus.

To set up a Square Wave bolus, you must first turn on the dual/square bolus option.

  1. Make sure the Dual/ Square Wave option is on.
    • For 754 (VEOTM)
      Main Menu > Bolus > Bolus Setup > Dual/Square Bolus
    • For 722, 715, 712 insulin pump models
      Main Menu > Bolus > Dual/Square Bolus
  2. Select On, then press ACT. The feature is now on. Exit the menus.
  3. Calculate your food and/or correction bolus amount.
  4. Go to the BOLUS TYPE screen.
    • Main Menu > Bolus > Set Bolus
  5. Select Square Wave Bolus, then press ACT. The SET SQUARE BOLUS screen appears.
  6. Enter the desired amount for the Square Wave bolus units, then press ACT.
  7. The SQUARE DURATION screen appears. Enter the amount of time you want the Square Wave bolus to last, then press ACT.

Note: If you have BG reminder turned On, the BG REMINDER DURATION screen displays. It allows you to set the duration before you are reminded to check your blood glucose after a bolus.

  1. The BOLUS DELIVERY screen appears with an open circle indicating that your pump is in Special mode. The pump beeps/vibrates at the start of the bolus. During bolus delivery, the pump will return to the HOME screen. The pump beeps/vibrates at the end of the bolus and the open circle disappears.

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