Active Lifestyle

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be a dampener on your exercise, physical activities or outdoor adventures. From dancing to professional sports, you would not want to relinquish a career in something you love, or even want to give up on an activity that you enjoy, and you shouldn’t have to.

Getting a hold on your glucose levels and hitting your target HbA1c does not mean giving up on the activities you cherish. Traditional medications might not give you the freedom to live your life, but there are ways to continue enjoying every moment of it, without worry!

Read the real-life stories of other people who have followed their passions, chased their dreams, and live an active lifestyle despite having diabetes.

Eshant Shiwate

Swimmer; said YES TO LIFE with his pump in 2011

I had started feeling very tired and everyone thought it was because I swam a lot but after being tested, it was revealed that I had type 1 diabetes. After starting medication with the Insulin pen, I started getting slimmer and slimmer, ending up 15 kgs underweight. I had to cut my training time from 3 hours to just half an hour. I had a definite chance to compete at State Level, but my health wasn’t improving. It’s been 2 years since I started on Insulin Pump Therapy and my health has improved a lot. The laziness is gone and I am able to practice much more than 3 hours in a day. I got confidence to exert myself more because I didn’t worry about any diabetic episodes.

The insulin pump is the first choice. No injection or therapy is as good as a pump. It has helped me follow my swimming dream.